4 Steps to Increasing Shopify App Instals

Tips from the top - here’s a quick overview of our new essential guide to getting your Shopify app in front of the right people!

Download our essential guide to getting your Shopify app in front of the right people!

When it comes to success in the world of Shopify apps, a great idea for a brilliant new solution is just the beginning. As the space becomes more crowded and merchants are placing higher demands on the products they seek out, to truly succeed, you need to stand out from the competition.

Kollectify is a marketing agency focused solely on helping apps teams in the Shopify space. We provide content Marketing Services and Marketing Programs for Shopify app teams of all shapes and sizes. In our one on one work directly with clients, we see a lot of the same questions come up time and time again. So we thought we’d gather together some of our top recommendations for seeing results when it comes to marketing your Shopify app and turn it into our new essential guide.

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Here’s the top level breakdown in four simple steps..

1: Starting strong - laying firm strategic foundations

In the first chapter of our guide, you'll learn about:

  • Brand positioning 
  • Audience research
  • Competitor analysis

Why have we included this information?

Until you know exactly what you’re offering the Shopify ecosystem, you can’t market your solution effectively. That’s why our very first recommendation is taking some time to hammer out the finer details of the problems you’re solving, and who your product will work brilliantly for.

In this chapter, you’ll discover the role that positioning plays in the way you sell your app, and how it can help set you apart from the competition. You’ll also gain a few tips when it comes to learning more about your audience – once you have a clear understanding of what they need and where they struggle, you’ll be able to sell your solution with confidence and clarity.

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2. Content marketing 101 - get up and running fast

In this chapter, you'll learn about:

  • Content types
  • SEO basics
  • Creating an editorial calendar
  • Tracking progress

Why have we included this information?

Content marketing is often misunderstood – and for many businesses, it can feel like something that’s beyond their means, demanding too much time and effort. Here at Kollectify, content marketing is our bread and butter, and we’re fully invested in its ability to help grow businesses just like yours.

This section of our guide will walk you through some of the basics - from different content formats to consider (including ways to match the right format to the right audience), through to the basics of SEO, and how to pull all of your research together into an effective editorial calendar. We’ll also suggest a few ways to make sure your freshly minted content strategy gets you the results you’re looking for over time.

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Appy days - how to write a listing that converts

In this chapter, you'll learn:

  • What matters most when it comes to writing your Shopify App Store listing
  • Key components of your listing

Why have we included this information?

Time and again, we see Shopify app owners investing epic resources into the development of amazing apps – then rattling out a listing that completely undersells their solution. No more! In this section of our guide, we’ll talk you through the areas of your listing that really merit a little extra TLC.

As well as covering the aspects of your listing that matter most in terms of driving high value conversions, we’ll also explain a few of the available opportunities to promote and sell your app.

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Onwards and upwards - maintain marketing momentum

In this chapter, you'll learn:

  • How to keep things fresh
  • Super social proof

Why have we included this information?

Marketing isn’t a one time thing (thankfully, or we’d be out of a job!) While you’ll only need to learn the basics of promotional success once, it’s a never ending quest to keep learning and improving.

With this in mind, we created this last chapter to give you some ideas about how to keep the fires burning. From gathering exceptional social proof, to refining your content strategy over time, there’s so much you can do to keep your app front and centre within the Shopify scene. We hope this fourth and final step in our guide will help you to stay inspired and motivated to keep your marketing strategy tip top.

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Ready to learn more about marketing your Shopify app?

Hopefully the outlines above have whetted your appetite for diving into our free guide! We love the Shopify space (so much so that, as a marketing agency, we exclusively focus on and work with Shopify app teams) so we’re excited to share some of the insights we’ve gained over the years. We hope it helps your app get the great results it deserves…

Do feel free to reach out with any questions or special requests if you’d like some one on one advice. But for now… grab a coffee and your copy of our free guide!

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