Boost Your Shopify App's Reach With a Fresh Content Strategy

Content marketing can do wonders for your Shopify business - want to learn how? Read this.

Here’s a quick overview of chapter 2 in our essential guide to getting your Shopify app in front of the right people!

Does content marketing really work? The fact you’re reading this is proof of its power!

When we sat down to plan our recently released guide to marketing your Shopify app (grab your copy here – for free), we knew we couldn’t pass over the power of content marketing, and so it merited its very own chapter.

In this article, we’ll give a quick outline of what chapter 2 of the guide lays out for you…

The chapter covers a basic baby blueprint for creating your own successful strategy in four steps - formats, keywords, production and progression over time. Here’s a top level look at the aspects we delve into…

Content types

Content marketing is about so much more than endless blog articles (although we can’t lie - there’s probably going to be a fair few of them!) In our guide, we encourage you to think carefully about the formats that you select within your editorial calendar - what will land best with the audience that you’re going after? Where do they hang out on line, and what kind of content do they typically like to consume?

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SEO basics

Next, you’re going to need to do a little research into the keywords that will get your lovely new content noticed by the right pairs of eyes. When it comes to identifying these keywords, and optimising your content to ensure that you’re all set to start ranking for them, it's very important that you keep firm goals in mind. Are you going after intentional or educational search queries?

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Creating an editorial calendar

Once you’ve got keywords and formats identified, it’s time to start pulling your plan together into a more concrete format. In the penultimate section of this chapter, we outline the merits of creating an editorial calendar, as well as giving some advice on how to structure yours to ensure that all content is working hard for you.

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Tracking progress

Finally, how are you going to keep on top of what’s working for you? In the last section of the chapter, we suggest a few helpful tips for tracking the progress of your newly fledged content marketing strategy. Success looks different to everyone, so we encourage you to think about the areas where you’d like to see positive movement and focus your attention on monitoring impact in these spaces.

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Ready to make content marketing work hard for your Shopify app?

Here at Kollectify, we’re deeply invested in the power and potential of content marketing for establishing trustworthy reputations and driving highly qualified traffic to your App Store listing and more.

We hope that after reading our free guide, you’ll feel much more confident about starting to take your first steps in this exciting and inspiring aspect of marketing!