Ever Wondered How Kollectify Flourished into What it is Today?

How Kollectify became what it is today...

A note from our founder, Krissie.

I first discovered Shopify in 2014/15 when I was running my little marketplace…

I decided to list these products on a marketplace I build on Shopify and I absolutely loved it!

I called it KrisSea because my name is Krissie and I love the sea.

The marketplace originated from what was first a blog where I’d write about each of the brands, what made them unique, what they were selling, how they made it etc 😍

Shopify back then wasn’t anywhere near what it is today but it was still a super exciting place to be. I loved the tech behind it, the access to entrepreneurship that it provides - both for merchants and for developers.

At the heart of it, I loved to see small brands who have real talent and passion to shine bright.

These talented humans were good at making, innovating and being creative with their products. But they lacked expertise when it came to positioning and marketing their business.

They had no idea about the power of platforms like Shopify or apps like Okendo, Klevu, Sufio, Omnisend, Recharge, Gorgias and probably your solution…

They didn’t know they existed, let alone what they could do for their business.

This wasn’t only to do with the fact it was 2014, this still happens now - lack of awareness or trust in ecommerce technology.

So, I went on a mission to help Shopify app teams and Shopify developers to build awareness of their solutions and services.

It’s a win-win, by helping Shopify app developers and service providers to be more visible to merchants, I’m helping merchants and the vendors!

It feels good to say that my work helps build awareness of the opportunities tech solutions and services can bring to merchants!

I started as a freelancer offering marketing services to businesses like yours and as I got busier and busier, it naturally grew into a remote agency - Kollectify 🎉


When did you first discover Shopify? Do you want merchants to be more aware of your product or service?

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