Set Yourself Apart: How an App Positioning Strategy Takes Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

Where does your brand stand in the Shopify Partner ecosystem? Uncover the benefits of brand positioning for your content marketing strategy and more...

What is an app positioning strategy?

“Always remember: a brand is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world; a corner of someone's mind.” John Hegarty, Hegarty on Advertising.

When you’re operating in a crowded and competitive space (hello, Shopify App Store) it’s vital that your brand plants its flag in the sand. Among many other available options, you need to occupy a well-defined space to be considered, remembered — and ultimately, chosen.

Your brand should be memorable, unique and full of well-defined character. You should be purposeful and strategic in deciding exactly what that looks and feels like for your business. These are steps you take to ensure that your brand is taking up the intended “corner of someone’s mind.” 

This is an app / brand positioning strategy.

Commonly, a brand identity will be mission or vision focused. What problem are you solving? What value do you bring to your clients? In defining your own brand positioning strategy, you’ll want to explore concepts such as your purpose, proposition and personality. You can also explore and audit your closest competitors, in order to differentiate and elevate your own offering.

Your Shopify app’s brand positioning is communicated throughout your wider branding — especially through elements such as your brand voice. But your brand positioning strategy is what pulls everything together under one purposeful umbrella, ensuring total brand clarity for you and your audience.

Why does it matter in the context of your content?

Having a clear brand positioning strategy is an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Your positioning defines the value you bring to your audience, and your content represents it. It acts as an ambassador for your brand, often before someone has had the chance to interact with any other element of your business. Your content actualises your brand position, taking your knowledge, value and mission out into the wild.

Your brand positioning strategy will help to inform your content ideation. It will keep your content fresh and relevant to your unique offering and will ensure you consistently produce unique value to your ideal customers. It’s a great way to achieve total alignment with your team, especially if you have multiple content creators working together to execute your editorial calendar.

Three ways a brand positioning strategy helps your content marketing

Ideation is a Breeze

When your brand position is crystal clear, you have a really solid foundation to support your content marketing strategy. You’ll find that this clarity is a huge help when it comes to generating titles and topics to populate your editorial calendar.

The Customer Comes First

When creating content, the focus should be on solving a customer’s problem, not just on celebrating your latest product features or offers. You’re aiming to be of real value at all times, and by staying true to your mission-based brand position, you’ll be able to communicate this with customer-centric content.

You Earn True Expert Status

Because you’ll have clearly defined customer personas that you’re looking to attract as part of your wider content marketing strategy, your brand positioning strategy will ensure you’re catering to them at every step of their journey. As a result, you have total clarity on what you’re looking to become known for. This is a huge help as you dictate the tone and focus of the content you commission.

Ready to bring all elements of your branding together, and roll out a cohesive, consistent, well-oiled marketing machine? We hope this article has inspired you to pay close attention to your brand positioning strategy — the pole star keeping everything in perfect alignment. 

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