Shopify Launches Next-Gen Customer-Centric Mobile Shopping App, Shop

With its focus on building community and connection, Shopify’s new mobile shopping app offers a win for consumers, merchants — and the planet, too.

Shop App Launches Onto The Scene

In the current world of social distancing and staying home to stay safe, digital connections have become increasingly critical to the growth of any retail business and community building.

Shopify has developed an app as a direct response to social distancing, SIP orders and the resulting uptick in e-commerce due to COVID-19. It’s a new consumer-facing mobile shopping app which bridges the gap between physical and digital businesses. Appropriately enough, it’s called “Shop”.

The app is an evolution of Arrive, Shopify’s original customer-focused app that allowed consumers to track packages from Shopify’s online merchants. Shop offers users a new and improved “top-notch” UX that Shopify loyalists have come to expect. 

The new look and feel is accelerated with a hyper-local shopping experience. Allowing shoppers to browse retailers by location and easily make a purchase through the app’s ridiculously simple, one-click Shop Pay checkout — it’s a game-changer.

Building Connections Between Merchants and Shoppers 

Shop Pay had already processed more than $8bn in sales since its launch in 2013, and Arrive had already racked up traffic from 16 million Shopify users. Now, Shopify has folded these two powerhouses together into Shop, to help drive connections between merchants and shoppers. 

Both virtually, and in real life. 

More importantly, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the new mobile app directs customers to local businesses and provides an intuitive platform — it’s ad-free, no-contact shopping. 

Of course, Shop also allows customers to browse a feed of recommended retailers from Shopify’s stable of a million online stores, no matter where they’re located. This is a great way for a merchant’s shopfront to stay top-of-mind for their customers. 

And, because the app is already integrated with Gmail, it does the heavy lifting of matching targeted merchants to customers.

Giving Amazon a Run For its Money

Shopify has figured out how to take the best bits offered by the online retail giant Amazon, while avoiding its most annoying pitfalls. This is one of the biggest wins for both merchant and consumer.

Micro-Targeted but Ad-Free

Shop’s recommendations are purely customer-driven. Customers who follow or have purchased from specific brands through Shopify before, will see them in their personalised shopping feed as in-app recommendations. They’ll also see local merchants, as part of the app’s commitment to “shop local, shop better.”

But because the app is ad-free, it avoids Amazon’s marketer-driven algorithm model. No wading through “sponsored products” sales ads, and no being bombarded with unhelpful, seemingly random suggestions.

One-click checkout

One of the most common reasons for abandoned e-commerce carts is a clunky or overly complicated checkout process. Shop Pay increased conversion rates by 18%, because it made checkout such a breeze for customers. With one checkout at one Shop Pay-enabled Shopify store, customers experienced one-click checkout with every Shop Pay merchant.

And now that functionality lives in Shop, with the app’s added benefits of personalised shopping and package tracking. 

Take that, Amazon.

Clean Browsing Experience

Two of the features that made both Shop Pay and Arrive so successful were their snappy, uncluttered UI and simple UX. Merchants and customers alike loved how easy the apps were to optimise, while still packing in the useful features they needed.

And as Amazon knows, ease of use and convenience for consumers will always equal a boost in conversions for merchants.

So Shopify realised that the new Shop app needed to be just as crisp, clean and simple to use. They achieved it with their cool, insta-gen customer-friendly design coupled with conversion-boosting features for merchants. 

Shop local, shop better

Shopify is actively aiming to help local businesses and customers connect with each other during this socially distant time. The evolution from Arrive to Shop is a direct outcome of this effort. 

The evolved mobile shopping app provides a platform for small and independent merchants without the bandwidth to support an online presence of their own, to reach Shopify’s giant customer base. 

The app also lets shoppers know which local merchants are open, and if they offer curb side pickup, home delivery or in-store shopping. Then, it allows them to move seamlessly through the purchasing funnel.

By driving customers to local stores, Shopify also cuts down on last-mile distribution costs, both to the merchants and to the environment. Everybody wins — including the planet, which is a huge part of Shopify’s mission.

Shopping Sustainably With Shop

Through the Shopify Sustainability Fund, Shopify spends $5m every year on environmental causes. The entire company is carbon neutral and fighting climate change is at the core of its mission. In 2019 the company’s CEO, Tobias Lütke, wrote an open letter in which he stated simply “To make our 100-year vision come true, we need to not only make commerce better, but take better care of our planet”. 

The Shop app includes a carbon-offset program built to provide protection for trees in the Amazonian rainforest. And all of Shop’s delivery emissions are offset by protecting an equivalent number of trees, in partnership with Pachama.

Don't be so distant

Shopify made its bones by being a problem-solver for its merchants and retailers. Now, Shop brings this same seamless UX to the customer. Through its dedication to supporting both local merchants and the environment, Shop offers a model of responsible retailing and a new way to encourage community-building. 

And that’s a win all around.

🌍 At Kollectify we’re excited by Shop because of its focus on shopping local and sustainability. Will you use this approach for your Shopify app? Has it given you any ideas for a new app for good? If so, we’re here to help position and promote it — check out our services for Shopify apps here.

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