Unlock Your Shopify Merchant Magnetism

An open letter to Shopify app developers whose app instals have dipped...

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You’ve grown your Shopify app business from the ground up, excited to work with cool brands with your big idea...

...You’ve got your app uploaded on the Shopify App Store and it’s been approved, yay!

Now it’s time to sit back and watch your instals roll in, right?.. Ping, ping, ping! You imagined all the leads flowing in easily with hundreds of great reviews...

Yes, you might have had a healthy looking spike in instals in the early days. Through luck. Or timing.

Deep down, this early success led you to believe you could be lazy with your marketing.... But you eventually hit a plateau. And have noticed a decrease in regular leads.

Turns out marketing is a weak spot for you.

So, how to remedy this drop in instals?

👉🏼 You've tried improving your offer or free trial period. Your results weren't good enough.

👉🏼 You've tried to sweeten the deal with additional one-to-one support. Your results weren't good enough. 

👉🏼 You've got an agency running paid ads for your Shopify marketplace to get more eyes on your listing. And they're constantly testing new keywords. But the results weren't good enough. 

👉🏼 You've crawled all the supposedly 'tried and true' methodologies for ranking in the app store that could help support that ad spend. Your results weren't good enough.

👉🏼 There are lots of different angles and messages you can utilise to appeal to different subsets of customers.

👉🏼 So you've tried tweaking your approach to try and create content that you share out on your channels that resonates with them. But the results were not good enough.

Aren’t you fed up of going round in circles trying to communicate the benefits of your solution to Shopify merchants?

You're constantly looking to improve your position on the Shopify App Store. But you’re finding it hard to keep up with Shopify constantly changing their rules.

Wouldn’t it be the dream to know exactly how to communicate with Shopify merchants and convert them into loyal customers?

Credit: Shopify Dev Docs

Introducing Kollectify's signature program.... Unlock Your Shopify Merchant Magnetism!

👏🏽 Boost traffic to your Shopify App Store listing by 23%. Then get 15% more downloads.

👏🏽 World's first and only program for Shopify apps to successfully market their app to Shopify merchants.

👏🏽 You'll be led through each lesson, step by step, so you can attract and retain high quality Shopify merchants.

👏🏽 You'll follow the exact framework we follow with our 1:1 clients. So that you can do it yourself (and take all the credit).

👏🏽 You'll also have the option to be introduced to THE BEST people and tools to help you develop and execute your marketing strategy!

This program will take you from "generic Shopify solution" to a unique brand with clear direction and magnetic merchant energy.

This program will show you how to get more eyes on your Shopify app and position yourself as a big player in the Shopify ecosystem. 

Marketing doesn’t need to feel like a chore, we’ll show you how it can be easy, efficient and fun.

Fall back in love with your offers, get fired up to show up, connect and engage with dreamy brands that are so cool you’ll talk about the work you do together all the time & engage more of the same.

You'll learn how to:

  • Get more people seeing your listing versus the competition
  • Increase conversions and instals 
  • Boost retention of customers for a higher recurring income

This program is for:

  • Any stage of Shopify app business (from just an idea to start-up and beyond) 
  • Shopify app developers and founders 
  • Marketing and Growth managers looking to market a Shopify app

We will get hyper clear on what makes you special in the Shopify space

And connect this to why brands should want to work with you so much that they tell everyone about your Shopify app!

Every lesson within the program helps to optimise your Shopify App Store listing, increasing your ranking, instals and monthly recurring revenue.

Delivered in a way that suits a busy Shopify founder, CEO or marketing manager.

  • Access to self-paced audio lessons
  • 1-1 email support with Krissie, our Founder
  • Worksheets & templates to accompany each lesson 
  • Access to guest expert masterclasses
  • Be introduced to THE BEST people and tools to help you develop and execute your marketing strategy!

"As a Growth Marketing Manager, I found the customer research and SEO modules the most helpful and how everything relates to Shopify App Store optimisation! Krissie was always available for support which was great, and the templates are a really great resource! I also appreciated the short, easy to digest lessons as I could get it done in between other tasks."
Brittany Gulla
Growth, Jebbit

Let's dig in to what you'll learn inside the program...

"Driving traffic to your app from outside of Shopify can help improve your app's ranking on the Shopify App Store. Also, if your app gets a significant amount of outside traffic, then your app can be listed in the Trending apps section on the app store's homepage."
Straight from Shopify's mouth

Build the Foundations


When you're not sure who you're writing your content for. Or how to appeal to those browsing the Shopify App Store, you might find yourself going round in chaotic circles with confusing messaging (which isn’t good for you or your potential customers).

In order to grow into an established Shopify merchant magnet, a deep dive into your brand vision, your audience, your competitors and your unique position is a must.

Walk away with crystal clear messaging, so that you know exactly how to describe your app's value to those who need it the most.

Credit: Shopify Dev docs

Develop your Marketing Strategy


You’ve been relying on your Shopify App Store listing to bring in the leads but it ain't working anymore. Why? the competition is huge, relying on one channel simply isn’t enough.

The algorithm in the Shopify App Store is constantly changing. You’re going round and round in circles tweaking your copy, swapping keywords and moving them around to see what works.

When your app listing gets a good amount of external traffic (other marketing channels), Shopify gives you more authority compared to your competitors and Shopify will give you more visibility on the app store.

I will show you how to lean on your positioning strategy to create external marketing strategies that'll attract, convert AND retain your ideal customers (irrespective of Shopify's algorithm).

The Shopify App Store


Optimising your Shopify App Store listing is an extremely important piece to your Shopify app marketing. But you can't do this successfully without the foundational lessons complete first.

Making sure your Shopify App Store listing is optimised is a full time job. Trying to keep your listing up to date and in-line with Shopify’s guidelines and the ever-changing algorithm is frustrating. Not to mention the up-keep of managing good and bad reviews.

Where do you start? How do you know what Shopify’s criteria is this week? What are the fundamentals? How do you run ad campaigns?

You’ll learn exactly what Shopify wants for you to not only be accepted on to the platform but also how to encourage Shopify to feature you in the various spotlight sections on the app store.

You’ll be shown how to present your app’s features and benefits in a compelling way, keyword strategies, ad campaigns and more.

Krissie provides a SUPER detailed template with guidelines for how to optimise your Shopify App Store listing.

Thinking About People & Planet First

Shopify sustainability

Credit: Shopify Climate

Learn how to ensure you’re delivering nothing but value, getting real results and reducing carbon emissions. Our zero waste process boosts website speeds, pleases your customers and takes less energy from the Earth.

We cover the internet’s carbon footprint, how to reduce the carbon footprint of your website and make it super speedy! And How to build a zero waste digital marketing strategy which works hard for your business and protects the planet.

✔️ Get your hands on the first and only Shopify-specific program. Because those free messaging and SEO resources you’ve already downloaded aren’t niche to Shopify app founders and theme developers).

✔️ Sign-up to the program to get a 1-to-1 review from Krissie Leyland, Shopify expert and verified parter, on ALL of your program implementation. So you can sit back and watch the installs roll in, hands free.

✔️ Set aside as little as 3 hours a week to make your way through the entire program

✔️ Now available as audio lessons, taking up less data than video lesson plus you can listen while you’re cooking or walking.

✔️ You’ll also get the exact steps you need to take to track your app store listing analytics (so you can be certain that your efforts are getting you more visibility.